Postuman vision by baptiste tavernier

The Joy of Swimming Alone: Only Dead Fish Follow the Stream

We often hear that having your own "Blue Ocean" is crucial, especially in the arts and creative industries. I've always related to this, as I've ventured into uncharted territories from the beginning: granular synthesis, Maze Art, Dystopian Polaroids, and nowadays, Vinyl-wrapped 3D-printed Visions.

A "Blue Ocean" strategy encourages venturing into underexplored market spaces, emphasizing the creation of new value to distance oneself from competition. It is said to be rewarding in terms of Personal Fulfillment and Authentic Expression and leads to significant Cultural Contributions.

But here’s the thing—I’m not fond of this metaphor. 😎

There are no blue oceans anymore! 😁 . They're full of plastic and oil. And since all the dead fish follow the stream until they reach the ocean, the entire place becomes bland and rotten. Only the occasional storm cleans the area for a while, but it is immediately engulfed again.

No! Forget about the blue ocean!Swim against the stream. If you are courageous and patient enough, you will find something much better than a blue ocean: a high mountain lake filled with crystalline water.

Here, in this serene solitude, lies the true reward. It's not just about escaping the competition but finding a space where your creativity can breathe, unfettered and pure. In these hidden, tranquil waters, your art can flourish, contributing to a culture thirsty for authenticity and innovation.