Maze art by Baptiste Tavernier

Looking Back

It took me many years to understand what my own art is about.

As I look back on my artistic journey, one work that stands out is NYC 33y AT, exhibited during Art Central in Hong Kong in 2017. This artwork, a detailed reimagining of Manhattan’s layout, marked a significant moment in my exploration of maze-like structures and urban complexity.

Interestingly, it has taken me years to realize that the recurring theme in my work has been corridors, passages, and gates. Sometimes figuratively, but most often metaphorically. At the time, I was captivated by the intricate patterns and winding paths of mazes, blending historical inspirations with modern cartographic studies.

However, it’s only now that I understand that mazes were just a pretext, and the underlying theme was the transformative aspect of passages. The passage of time, physical passages like streets and alleys, and the multiplicity of choices that create their own passages.

“NYC 33y AT” not only reflects the physical intricacies of urban landscapes but also embodies deeper themes of navigation, control, and the intersection of past and future.

Although very different from the art I create now, I still love that work very much. It is the only artwork from that period that I kept and did not sell.

As I continue to work with 3D printing and vinyl wrapping, I am excited to explore these themes deeper and see where they will lead me.



NYC 33y AT - Acrylic, ink on canvas. 94 x 133 cm - 2017.

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