Baptiste Tavernier

Baptiste Tavernier is the architect of a complex artistic multiverse, which encompasses music, photography, digital arts and martial arts.

Drawing from his solid history of international exhibitions and transdisciplinary collaborations, he continues to expand further his diverse body of works.


The Freedom series

These series of photomosaic works take advantage of the black Instax SQ film's characteristics. The rather large and non-symmetrical frames of the polaroid film are combined to create a fence that acts as a "4th wall" separating our world from the multilayered universe that unfurls beyond.

Take a peek: yonder, anything is possible, there are no conventions, no rules, no correctness... Just total freedom.


Trained as a percussionist since the age of 4, I am also a composer and musicologist, with a long experience in experimental music, sound architecture and jazz.

I use Crystal Singing Bowls in various fields and projects, from musical collaborations with other instruments, contemporary art and dance to sound therapy. I play mostly in Japan, during concerts, happenings while proposing private meditation and healing sessions.

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