Artistic Evolution into the Future

Baptiste Tavernier is a vanguard artist in Tokyo, who harnesses the synergy of 3D printing and vinyl wrapping to sculpt visions of a posthuman future.

Latest Work:

Vinyl wrapped erection by Baptiste Tavernier

Passage #03

Step Into the Vanguard of New Artistic Media

Immerse yourself in a visionary quest where art embraces the transformative power of technology to shape the future.

Each artwork stands as a beacon of progress, melding advanced techniques with imaginative foresight to inspire a new epoch of creative expression.

By merging sophisticated 3D printing with the tactile allure of vinyl, I present art that dares to innovate and redefine the boundaries of possibility.

Random Passages

Baptiste Tavernier mixed media artwork - PLA, polaroid, acrylic


A selection of past works

Whitestone gallery Hong Kong - baptiste tavernier exhibition poster

Exhibition history

A chronicle of artistic evolution

Janus body painting by baptiste tavernier


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