Posthuman Visions

Baptiste Tavernier is a jovial nihilist based in Tokyo, who harnesses the synergy of 3D printing and vinyl wrapping to sculpt posthuman visions.

Latest Works:


Redefining Reality through Artistic Experimentation and Technological Fusion

Nestled in the pulsing core of Tokyo, I forge a nexus of avant-garde expressions.

I utilize the transformative powers of 3D printing and the tactile allure of vinyl to create unique futuristic visions.

Let me take you to uncharted territories, so you can rethink your reality.


Baptiste Tavernier mixed media artwork - PLA, polaroid, acrylic


A selection of past works

Whitestone gallery Hong Kong - baptiste tavernier exhibition poster

Exhibition history

A chronicle of artistic evolution

Janus body painting by baptiste tavernier


Extended universe

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