Wrinkled vinyl wrap

Embracing Imperfection in Vinyl Wrapping

When the smooth needs wrinkles.

Since I started using vinyl wrap as one of my main mediums in my art, I have strived for perfection in wrapping all the time, on any type of geometry. Initially, I was heavily influenced by the men and women who wrap sports cars. They aren’t exactly artists, but artisans who need to wrap a product to perfection for a client, ensuring they don’t scratch the original and expensive paint on the car.

Trying to replicate that level of wrapping precision was an excellent exercise at the beginning, but interestingly, it led me astray. I became so focused on achieving flawless wrapping that I lost sight of my true artistic vision and the creative freedom that comes with it.

I realized, as if I didn’t know that already, that art is never about perfection. On the contrary, although the quality and techniques need to be high level, they should not be perfect. Perfection is boring! And by trying to perfectly wrap my 3D printed pieces, my artwork was starting to become boring as well.

Using vinyl wrapping in art should be as much about perfect surfaces as it is about wrinkles, unstable recesses, and sharp cuts. What is important is that consciously using a “flawed” technique is part of the vast vocabulary and limitless potential of vinyl wrap!

With this in mind, I need to revisit a few of my recent wraps and insert a few stylish flaws. Embracing these imperfections will bring back the depth and character that makes art truly captivating.

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