"Fragments of Us" - 3d printed art by Baptiste Tavernier

It is 3D printed? So What?

It’s fascinating to observe how 3D printing has yet to fully embed itself in the minds of people, and particularly in the realm of art.

On one side, you have critics who dismiss 3D printed creations as “not art.” On the other, you have tech enthusiasts who deem anything produced with a 3D printer as inherently cool. Navigating between these polarized views has been more impactful than I anticipated, compelling me, for example, to label my work explicitly as “3D printed art.” It’s even on my LinkedIn banner, in case you missed it.

Thing is... So What?

Let’s be clear: 3D printers are merely tools, just like brushes or cameras. No one proudly declares, “This painting was made with brushes!” (though some might start doing so soon enough to differentiate from AI-generated art), or, connivingly: “It’s painted with acrylics, you know!”

Medium and technique are mere parameters. The method of creation doesn’t define art.

Art is an excitation. It’s an excitation that lingers in the mind and over time. No one really cares if a sonata is played on a Steinway or a Yamaha (unless you’re a snob?).

To some, the use of a 3D printer might invalidate the artwork. How narrow-minded! It neither enhances nor diminishes the work. It’s simply a part of the process.

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