Portal #00

Portal 00 - Sculpture by Baptiste Tavernier
102 x 52 x 17 cm
PLA, PETG, vinyl

Creation Process

Portal #00 signifies a pivotal shift in my artistic journey, embracing 3D-designed and printed structures as my primary medium. These structures are intricately wrapped in various types of vinyl, a technique inspired by the car tuning and sports car culture. Originally, Vinyl wrapping serves a dual purpose: it not only protects the original paint of the car but also allows for a customizable transformation of its color and design at will.

When I initiated the creation of this portal, my initial concept was to craft a mixed media piece incorporating LED strips, controlled by a chip, to produce a range of light effects. I built the work to its halfway point with that idea in mind.

However, as the project progressed, I found myself questioning the inclusion of powered components in my workflow.

I have always had a kind of love and hate relationship with artworks that utilize electricity. I've encountered numerous captivating pieces featuring LEDs and infinity mirrors; they're visually striking, no doubt. Yet, the moment they're unplugged, the magic is gone! these artworks turn into mundane, lifeless objects – unless the artist has thoughtfully considered and designed for their appearance when switched off... But that's rarely the case.

So finally I decided to drop LEDs and started to look for another medium that would complement 3d printing. I was seeking something that could produce intriguing color effects without relying on power. That's when I found vinyl wrapping.

This fusion of vinyl wrapping and 3D printed filaments has since evolved into my primary medium of expression. My current focus is on perfecting this combination, aiming to create extraordinary works of art. These pieces manifest as both literal and metaphorical portals, serving as Passages to uncharted destinations across time and space.

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