Passage #03

Vinyl wrapped posthuman vision by Baptiste Tavernier
130 x 80 x 9 cm
Polylactic acid, PETg, vinyl, agate

Creation Process

Passage #03 combines a real agathe stone with vinyl wrapped structure and 3d-printed elements. I chose vinyl wrap as my primary medium due to its ability to create gradient effects. The way light reflects off the blue vinyl, for instance, can cause it to gradually shift to purple.

Similarly, the intricate color gradients and fluid shapes of agate stones captivate me. Combining these man-made and natural materials seemed like a compelling concept for my work. Moving forward, I plan to delve deeper into the use of agate to further this exploration.

Doors, Gates, Passages
Multifaceted symbols of opportunities, transformations, and mysteries.
For ages,
A path to life, a path to death, to the unknown.

Doors as boundaries, yet passages are the way.
“Stop!” the gatekeepers will say.
Guardians of secrets, of our integrity at times.

It is up to you; your choice to follow…
Consequences are yours to bear.

Block the light, block the darkness, or let it all through at once!
Dreams or nightmares—what lies at the end of the corridor?

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