Passage #04

Vinyl wrapped posthuman vision by Baptiste Tavernier
173 x 80 x 8 cm
Polylactic acid, PETG, vinyl

Creation Process

Passage #04 continues to expand on my vinyl wrapped series. This time I chose a color-changing green film from Teckwrap that looks quite gorgeous.

This vision has more complex geometries than the previous works.

Doors, Gates, Passages
Multifaceted symbols of opportunities, transformations, and mysteries.
For ages,
A path to life, a path to death, to the unknown.

Doors as boundaries, yet passages are the way.
“Stop!” the gatekeepers will say.
Guardians of secrets, of our integrity at times.

It is up to you; your choice to follow…
Consequences are yours to bear.

Block the light, block the darkness, or let it all through at once!
Dreams or nightmares—what lies at the end of the corridor?

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