ViSiON - Printable 3D art by Baptiste Tavernier

ViSiON #04

Parts to print:
80 + ViSiON 01, 02 & 03
80 x 80 x 5 cm
Average print time:
95 h 29 min with IS + ViS. 01, 02 & 03
Average filament weight:
2910 g + ViS. 01, 02 & 03
M3x8mm – 197 pcs + ViS. 01, 02 & 03
M3 hex – 80 pcs + ViS. 01, 02 & 03
Merges ViSiON 01, 02 & 03

ViSiON Series: Democratizing Art with New Technologies

Unlock Your Creative Potential

I am thrilled to introduce the “ViSiON” series—a collection of downloadable 3D wall sculptures, available for free to everyone. These pieces are more than just art; they are invitations to innovate and personalize your own creative vision. Imagine altering colors, adjusting settings in your slicer, experimenting with different materials... The possibilities truly endless!

The Concept Behind ViSiON

The inspiration for the “ViSiON” series comes from an old discussion I had during my time as a PhD student in musicology in Paris. We debated the nature of written versus executed music—consider Beethoven’s symphony and an orchestra playing it. Which is the true original work? Beethoven’s silent score, or its ever-changing rendering by a conductor and his musicians? At the time, I found the topic mundane. However, as a 3D printing artist, this discussion now resonates deeply with me.

The 3D file I create and share online is akin to the musical score—it is the ‘original’ artwork. From this original data, unlimited copies can be produced, each potentially unique due to the chosen material, printer parameters, slight misprints, etc. The exciting part is that you can not only reproduce my work but also alter it, thus becoming a co-author in the process.

The Democratizing Effect of 3D Printing

In the seminal essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Walter Benjamin pondered the transformative impact of mechanical means to replicate art, positing that the ‘aura’—the unique presence of an artwork—diminishes with each reproduction. He also discussed Cult Value vs. Exhibition Value, contrasting the traditional, ritualistic value of art (cult value) with the modern value placed on art’s visibility and accessibility to the public (exhibition value).

However, with the ViSiON series, I aim to reverse Benjamin’s view. In this case, mechanical reproduction is not the end of the process but the beginning of a creative journey. Before printing, individuals must make conscious choices about materials, settings, and can even alter some parts of the work. After printing, assembling all the parts can be a lengthy and intricate process.

Despite the mechanical reproduction, the effort and craftsmanship involved in bringing each piece to life imbue it with a new kind of ‘cult value.’ This value emerges not just from the original creation but from the dedication and hard work of those who reproduce and personalize the artwork. Thus, each reproduced piece becomes a unique collaboration, enriching the original vision and enhancing its aura through collective effort.

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