Crystal Bowls, also known as Singing Bowls, are special instruments made of pure quartz, which produce strong and beautiful vibrations that resonate within the whole body.

They are generally used during sound therapy, meditation, yoga, but can also be played as “conventional” musical instruments.



Sound healing is an ancient tradition, which produces beneficial effects on both the mind and the body. Combined with meditation and breathing techniques, crystal bowls help restore a healthy balance to your body, and affect the brain positively so it releases neuro-chemicals such as serotonin, which aids regulating stress and anxiety.

I conduct different types of crystal bowl sessions,  according to people's needs. Private sessions only. Please contact me here:  baptiste.tavernier@me.com


お客様の目的やご要望に合わせて、様々なタイプのセッションをアレンジします(プライベート・セッションのみ行っております)。ご連絡は、メールにてお願いいたします。 baptiste.tavernier@me.com


Trained as a percussionist since the age of 4, I have a MA in musicology from Paris University, and I am also a composer with a long experience in experimental music, sound architecture and jazz.

I take a fun but structured approach to learning crystal bowls, focusing both technical skills, both musical and therapy methodology and on breathing techniques. Lessons typically start with relaxation exercises and then move to technique and music. 

Please contact me here:  baptiste.tavernier@me.com



私のレッスンは、楽しみながらも体系的にクリスタルボウルを学べるようになっています。クリスタルボウル演奏のテクニック、音楽とセラピーの理論、そして呼吸法に重点を置いて行います。初めはご自身がリラックスするところからスタートし、その後、テクニックと音楽的な内容を学んで行くというプロセスになります。ご連絡はメールにてお願いいたします。 baptiste.tavernier@me.com

If Crystal Bowls are used mostly for sound therapy and meditation, they can also be played as “conventional” musical instruments, solo, or with other instruments. I try to develop that aspect by engaging in numerous collaborations with musicians from different cultures. You can listen to some of my works on my YouTube channel.

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