Baptiste Tavernier, born 1981 in France, is a multi-discipline artist based in Tokyo who works on photography, painting, experimental music and martial arts. Tavernier studied digital arts and musical composition at Paris University, influenced by experimental music pioneers like Gerard Grisey, Salvatore Sciarrino and Steve Reich. 

Tavernier’s path took a dramatic virage in 2006 with the decision to move to Japan and immerse himself in martial arts. Within a decade, though, he had reached higher ranks in several disciplines of swordsmanship, achieved proficiency in the making and repair of armours, while studying Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), and Monsho Gaku, the Japanese heraldic tradition.

Nowadays Tavernier works mostly with Instant photography, using media like Fuji Instax film or Polaroid, and occasionally medium format film. His works have been exhibited internationally in North America, Europe and Asia since 2014



2021  「Windows」 — SGT Art Museum, Katsuura, Japan

2020  「Circles & Lines」 — SGT Art Museum, Katsuura, Japan

2019  「年2501」 — Courtyard Hiroo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2018 「Filles D’Ariane」 — VR exhibition, Art Curator Japan

2017 「Erring Ways」 — Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, Tokyo, Japan

2017 「Past Corridors」 — Haohaus Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2015 「Exploring Labyrinths – Gold」  — Galleria Farina, Miami, USA

2014 「Mazes」 —  Seikai Resort, Beppu, Japan


PARIS VIII University
PhD of Digital Arts (uncompleted) |


PARIS VIII University
Master of Digital Arts |


Bachelor of Musical Composition |



  • Pierre Soulages

  • H.R. Giger

  • Nihei​​​​​​​ Tsutomu

  • Salvatore Sciarrino

  • Yang Yongliang

  • Steve Reich

  • H. P. Lovecraft

  • Ishida Tetsuya 

  • Saul Leiter


2021 「Cryptokyo」 — Ultrasupernew Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2021 「24Molos」 — Terada Warehouse - What Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

2019 「Serenity」 — AHM Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2019 「Soil Project: Dialogue Among 4 Cities」 — Huashan Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan

2018 「W.E.」 — AHM Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2018 「Stay Asia」 — AHM Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

2018 「Neo Japonisme – Résonances 2018」 — La Ferme des Arts, Vaison-la-Romaine, France

2017 「East Meets West」 — Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2017 「Apocalyptic Nostalgia」 — Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

2016 「Untitled」 — FM Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2015 「Kosan no Kai」 — Lucite Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2015 「19th Salon Blanc International Exhibition of Contemporary Art」 — Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan

2014「Opposites Attract」 —  Galleria Farina, Miami, USA


2018 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

2017 Art Square Taipei, Taiwan

2017 Art Santa Fe, USA

2017 Tokyo International Art Fair, Japan

2017 Art Central, Hong Kong

2016 Art Square Taipei, Taiwan

2016 Rotterdam International Art Fair, Netherlands