Windows (窓s)

The WINDOWS series was a breakthrough after several years of doubt and hesitancy regarding my artistic trajectory. Since then, I had been exploring several directions, working in turns with acrylic paint, with natural pigment, film photography, digital art, body painting or instant film, on various and sometimes contradictory projects.

With the WINDOWS series, I think I have finally achieved a stable format, with which I can build a much deeper artistic universe.

The WINDOWS series are photomosaic works that combine 99 (or more) Fujifilm Instax SQ and 3D Printed constructions.

Instant films, like Polaroid or Fujifilm Instax, are generally non-symmetrical: the main picture is embedded in a taller-than-larger frame that allows the user to manipulate the film easily. That asymmetrical feature is indeed iconic, but it can nonetheless be a problem when you want to layout photomosaics.

I wanted very special frames for that series; but I couldn't find anything that would accommodate properly

instant films. I finally decided to create my own modular frames, using 3D printing technologies (I use Prusa printers and Prusa-made "Prusament"). The first frames I made were purely functional; but after a while they started to integrate some special elements of design, as to make them part of a larger mixed-media work.

#mixedmedia #instax #portrait

The Windows Series

99 Fujifilm Instax SQ mosaic, 3D printed structure.