The "Zen Garden" Series

Japanese rock gardens (枯山水, karesansui) are miniature stylised landscape made of rocks, moss sometimes, gravel and sand. Its gravel is raked in different patterns meant to represent ripples at a surface of a pond. Zen gardens are usually in monasteries, like the famous karesansui of Ryoan-ji temple in Kyoto. Rock gardens are an expression of the essence of nature, a sight that invite to meditate about the true meaning of life.

Since I had been working on complexe maze patterns for several years, I felt the need at some point to go back to something simple: long straight lines and circles. I wasn't sure however what to do with them. The idea of a series of abstract works on the theme of zen gardens finally came quite naturally: I have spent a lot of time, especially in Kyoto, visiting and studying them.

I used a diversity of supports and media for this series, combining canvas, wood panels, washi (Japanese traditional paper) or shikishi (a thick Japanese paper, as rigid as cardboard) with acrylic, posca, Japanese Iwa-enogu (natural pigments) and famous soda labels that represent of course plastic pollution, which invade nowadays even the most sacred places on earth.

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