NFT Art — Terra Oblivia

This is an ongoing digital series available as NFTs only. There are 2 different types of works in the series, although they share common elements like the lapis lazuli structure and the purple sky: some are made entirely hand drawn on the iPad app Procreate, while some are mixing elements designed on Procreate with digital photography.

I wanted to depict a very distant future where most things have been forsaken or extinct. I was thinking of a very silent, still universe, where oxygen would be in very low supply, affecting somehow the Rayleigh Scattering and turning the sky into a deep violet.

I wanted to create a series available only as NFTs (Non-Fungible Token), because I saw in this new, and somewhat controversial, technology an exciting new frontier in art and the terra incognita that lies behind and is yet to be explored.

NFTs are available on Japan Crypto Art Collective's page

Eons have passed. The planet stands still, mute, while a dying sun bathes the vestiges of a forsaken civilisation and its endless plains of concrete. But something is causing a stir in that silent stasis; a shadow, hovering relentlessly towards the Structure, getting closer as eons pass.

#rayleighscattering #vestiges #presence