Song — "The Labyrinth"

A collaboration with Taiwanese singer Yuan Ru Hsieh and French movie maker Yann Moreau. Yann has been living in Japan for a decade or so, and is a haikyo (廃墟) enthusiast. Haikyo are abandoned modern structures / ruins, that local governments decided too costly to be removed, so they just let them rot and be overgrown by vegetation. They can be ancient hospitals, department stores, theme parks, etc. For whatever reason, Asia is a mecca for haikyo and you can find many of those abandoned building in Japan but also in Taiwan, and of course China.

This video features 2 famous haikyo of Taiwan, one near Taipei (the unfinished tower) and one in the south of the country (the theme park). We also filmed in several locations in Taipei: back alleys of Zhongshan and the hedge maze at Yuanshan.

The theme of the labyrinth / maze was an extension of my pictorial work on the subject. We decided to paint a real maze on a wall at one of the top floor of the tower, to be used as a background for the video, and a few graffiti in a few darker locations of the building.

The result is an interesting surreal, elusive atmosphere, which we managed to capture from those unusual forsaken sites.

Lyrics: Yuan Ru Hsieh  ⎪ Music: Baptiste Tavernier & Yuan Ru Hsieh  ⎪ Video: Yann Moreau