NHK — Sports Japan

Sports Japan is a TV show aired on NHK World, the international service of Japan's public media organization. The show features many different sports but focuses also a lot on Budo and martial arts. I was invited to participate in several episodes, either as an assistant or as the main "expert" :-)

Kendo, judo and other well-known martial arts are often showcased on the show, but I had the privilege to introduce for the first time both Jukendo and Tankendo, two disciplines that are rather confidential, even in Japan. Jukendo is a bayonet fencing system that was imported to Japan by French military advisers at the end of the 19th century, while Tankendo is close-quarter combat system that use a bayonet detached from the riffle. Jukendo and its allied discipline Tankendo is the only modern Japanese martial art without an international federation.

Since those two shows, Jukendo and Tankendo gained in popularity abroad and several countries around the globe are gathering to finally establish that long-awaited international federation.