Music — Dance of the Golden Sand - Migrations

A collaboration with choreographer /dancer Jessie Fan for the official opening ceremony of photographer Ko Si-Chi's 90th anniversary retrospective: PRISTINE POETICS.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Zhongshan National Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan. 2019.

It's a tradition: every time Ko Si-chi launch a new exhibition, his wife choreographer Jessie would create a dance for the vernissage. So I was very honoured when they asked me if I could do the music for the official opening dance for Ko's 90th anniversary retrospective at the National Gallery in Taipei. Titled Dance of the Golden Sand — Migrations, in homage to a diptych photographed by Ko and printed with a special technique that shows a gold and a silver beach at dawn, a very stunning (and famous) photographic work.

Since the choreography had to last for 9 minutes, and would be performed by Jessie only, it had to evolve quickly without being too intense. I thus divided the music in 3 parts, part I and III with a lot of percussions, and a slow formless / rhythmless median part based on a loop that morphs unhurriedly, like I had done in the past with projects like Sphères.

Since Ko Si-Chi had wandered the world during his career, photographing in countless locations, in deserts, mountains, cities, jungles, etc, the music had to give a sense of journey and thus features instruments and patterns from different countries and cultures.

Last but not least, famous fashion designer Sophie Hong proposed to create the costume that Jessie would wear on the occasion, which definitely had an accent of casual solemnity to the whole project.

Choreography / performance: Jessie Fan  ⎪ Music: Baptiste Tavernier  ⎪ Costume: Sophie Hong  ⎪ Light Creation: Lin, Li-Chun

Ko si chi exhibition

Ko Si-Chi, an internationally renowned photographer, was born in 1929 in Tainan, Taiwan. He graduated from Tokyo College of Photography and was inspired by the Japanese master Kōen Shigemori. Since the early 1960s, Ko's major work has focused on landscapes and portraits. He set an early milestone of modern photography in Taiwan. Later he moved to New York, where he became an active commercial / Fashion photographer. He left New York in the 1980s and wandered through Southern Europe, North Africa and China.

Sadly, he passed away in 2020, but has left various precious and irreproducible images as a legacy for his hometown Taiwan.