Derelict / Black — Archeofuturism


Centuries of uncontrolled urban and demographic expansion have created labyrinthine zettapoles where the great capitals of the world once stood. The names of these ancient cities have long been forgotten. The uniformisation of habitats and cultures, the systematic destruction of the environment have erased geographical distinctions and it is now impossible to know to which country these structures once belonged. France, New York, Asia… Words that no longer mean anything.

Zettapoles stretch boundlessly, surrounded by nothing but plains of black ashes and stagnant seas.

Before this series, I was in perpetual research about media, compositions, structures, ideas, etc., and my production, although centred on mazes and labyrinths, was extremely heterogeneous. Derelict / Black is my first homogenous series, that would eventually be at the base of all the works I have created there after.

Mixing digital and "real" painting, the series was set in a distant future were old human metropolises had grown out of control, forming a superstructure akin to a maze, sucking the life of everything living in and outside the neighbourhood, reducing the world to a black and white desolation.

It created an idea of "archeo-futurism" where the ruins of our civilisation are seen as a distant forgotten age for the people living in that world, the same way we wander nowadays through the corridors of the palace of Knossos, the center of the Minoan civilisation believed to shelter the Minotaur form the outside world.

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