Instant X — Photo Short Stories

In a time where digital pictures are consumed and thrown away by the million every minutes, I wanted to slow down a bit and create something tangible again, that would last more than the mere seconds Instagram or Facebook deign to grant it.

I chose to work in the "polaroid" format, using Fujifilm Instax, a very interesting media to explore, as it somehow felt like a middle ground between traditional film photography and digital camera.

For me, the main attracting aspect of Instant film is that although very pop and plastic-y in essence, polaroid is a medium that ages, which will certainly sustain a few alterations over the years: slight wrapping, partial colour fades, etc., eventually creating a sense of transience and a melancholic feeling. Its peculiar framing also conveys distinct emotions, like looking from afar (time & space) at a different world, through a window.

The INSTANT X series is generally displayed either as triptychs or as singles, in small 3D-printed frames, just like my bigger series WINDOWS. Each picture can be taken in a different location or at the same place, at different dates or the same day, but once put together, a story emerges from this photographic cadavre exquis.

Finally, the additional architectures on the film are drawn by hand with posca pens. Just like the 3D-printed frames, they are an essential part of the narration, a character on its on right, that question the reality in which the pictures were taken.

The INSTANT X Series

Fujifilm Instax Triptych, 3D printed structure.

Happy End

Spider Attack

Silk Road

Water World

An Alien Heat (Self-portrait)

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