Series — Terra Oblivia / Infinities

Updated: May 20

Terra Oblivia is the name given to the ominous unattainable cyclopean structure erected on the horizon.

It materialised one day, looming over the life of men, never to disappear again. Vision from a forgotten eon or of a threatening future, no one knows. Some came to regard Terra Oblivia as a god, or the promise of a lost heaven. Many have tried to reach it, but the closer they get, the more it seems they are moving away from the asymptotic architecture.

The fanatics of this new religion will do anything to enter the structure. People call them the “Infinities”.

Always they advance, tirelessly, and always they move away from it...

​Generations after generations, the Infinities pursue Terra Oblivia, the asymptotic city. Alone or in bands, they cross the plains of ash and the black mountains of the inter-zettapoles void and fight mercilessly to be the first to penetrate the mysterious structure.

​But always they move forward and forever move away from it.

Vision — Giclee, posca on canvas. 110 x 82 cm. 2019.


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