Disc — "Spheres"

My first musical project after moving to Japan started after a chance encounter with avant-garde shakuhachi player Orimo Sabu in Tokyo. We both visited shakuhachi master Miyoshi Genzan the first day, me with a few question about how to compose for shakuhachi, him with one of his CD (I think it was Ichi-on) featuring a long solo improvisation recorded on an outmoded tape recorder.

Since I had just left the "avant-garde" scene in Paris, I was still in the mood to try something new in Japan. The result is this album, Sphères, which blends electronic music, shakuhachi and vocals.

The first track is a shakuhachi solo in the style of Ichi-on (meaning "one sound" in Japanese), where Sabu plays a unique pitch several times but with variations in the amount of breath in the sound.

The second and main track is a long shakuhachi / vocal improvisation by Sabu on an electronic base I made. This base is created from a unique sample played looped for more than 20 minutes. The loop goes through a FFT (Fast Fourrier Transform) programmed on Max/MSP, which slices the sound into 512 partiels. The loop builds up progressively by addition of the partiels, gain more momentum, then slowly disappear at the end of the track while subtracting the partiels.

Track 3 starts with the same concept, but changes abruptly to a more "trip-hop" mood with drums, samples and Masumi's improvised vocals.

SPHERES ; INSR-10A-001 ; CD-stereo.

SABU ORIMO: Shakuhachi / vocals BAPTISTE TAVERNIER: Sound architecture / programming MASUMI MATSUSHITA-ORIMO: vocals


1- Prolégomènes : 2’28” 2- 球面 #1 (Kyuumen #1) : 25’13" 3- Sphères #2 : 14’44"

Available on APPLE MUSIC and SPOTIFY

Baptiste Tavernier — "Spheres"
Baptiste Tavernier — "Spheres"
Baptiste Tavernier — "Spheres"