Disc — "Kamakura Juniso"

For this second project with avant-garde shakuhachi player Orimo Sabu, we decided to go back to his own style: shakuhachi solo improvisations recorded on the go in different places, mainly Kamakura and Isumi in Chiba. We recorded probably about 3 hours of music, but finally kept those 9 tracks that alternate free forms and more traditional moods. Coincidently, the tracks in Kamakura were recorded the very same day President Barack Obama visited the Great Buddha at the Kotokuin temple, not too far from us.

KAMAKURA JUNISO ; INSR-10A-003 ; CD-stereo.

SABU ORIMO: Shakuhachi / vocals BAPTISTE TAVERNIER: Sound edition / producer


1- 天空 (Ether) : 2’25” 2- 鎮魂 (Requiem) : 6’26" 3- 鳥 (Birds): 4’02" 4- 深海 (Grand Bleu): 4’08" 5- 地平線 (Horizon): 2’16" 6- 楽園 (Paradise): 6’09" 7- 即興三谷 (Improvisation: 3 Valleys): 5’47" 8- 夕焼け (Afterglow): 3’14" 9- 月と星 (Moon & Star): 3’16"

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kamakura juniso
kamakura juniso

It has been 10 years since I cut my first bamboo, carved a shakuhachi out of it and started to play music; and if I have been able to continue until now, it is thanks to the help of many people.

This disc is my eleventh, if I include compilations that featured some of my works.

Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to all who listened to my CDs, came to my concerts, critiqued my pieces, or gave me stages to play live.

As I was seeking the sound of the Realm of Nature, I moved to Jûniso in Kamakura, where I have been living for 2 and a half years. This album is a crystallization of this experience. Jûniso is located in Kamakura City, yet there remains the primitive beauty of nature: various type of insects, trees, flowers and plants, squirrels, tanuki,

wild cats, birds... As I was coexisting with numerous life forms, I slowly started to weave

my sounds. Above all, the scenery I like the most is the fog emanating from the mountains early in the morning. A world of ether.

The jacket for this CD is a picture of one of those early morning sceneries.

The recording was made in a small place I borrowed, which stands in front of my own, and also in the house of Innerside Records’ founder, Baptiste Tavernier, in Namihana, Chiba prefecture. Interestingly, in each place we recorded, the birds participated by singing in resonance with the shakuhachi sound.

This album is different from what I have done in the past. Until now I created my sound by subjectively colliding with my inner screams. This time, my sounds express my ideal paradise, like drawing pictures of Jûniso.

With the exception of 3 Valleys which is based on a koten or classic tune, the pieces featured in this album are all improvisations recorded in one take. The 2nd one, Requiem Peace From Tohoku, was named after the Great East Japan Earthquake; I turned the image I had of a beautiful light and the renaissance of the region into sound. Because of this Earthquake, I realised that I have a chance to question my own way of life. Now, I want to work on my style again, starting with simple and naive sounds.

To conclude, I hope that by wandering through this album you will be able to feel a little

bit like returning to the Origin.

2012-08-17, Orimo Sabu