Book — Bushido Explained: The Japanese Samurai Code

bushido explained

This seminal work by historian Alexander Bennett presents a broad overview of the Japanese "Way of the Warrior" as it is expressed in scores of classical Japanese texts written by famous Samurai themselves.

Bushido Explained takes a visual approach to presenting important concepts and terminology, helping readers easily navigate the complex world of the Samurai. The text is written in a highly accessible style, with sidebars presenting interesting concepts, facts and important Samurai figures who were central to Bushido's evolution. The different types of Bushido—which vary by region, time period and Samurai rank—are presented with over 300 informative diagrams and illustrations imagined by Alexander Bennett, in collaboration with Artist and fellow martial artist Baptiste Tavernier.

No other book offers such a wide-ranging, yet clear analysis of Bushido—debunking myths and misconceptions about who the Samurai truly were. Bushido Explained presents a precise overview of Samurai ideals and culture in a logical, chronological order.

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