Body Painting — The "LOCKDOWN" Project

A collaborative project for REVVER MAGAZINE to deep dive into the COVID-19 lockdown.

Stephane FERRERO : Photography

Baptiste TAVERNIER : Body Painting and text

&LOG ..#317

I noticed it for the first time yesterday, as I went to bed, on my shoulder, a small dark wave. It grew. It looks more like a flowing web this morning, just larger.


&LOG ..#318

I’d never realised how empty it was, my apartment, despite all the junk. Full of stuff, devoid of substance… I think boredom is going to get me, unless that dark stuff does the job faster. Dunno what it is… It grows.


&LOG ..#319

Didn’t do anything yesterday… Carrousel of kinetic junk, and I pay for it every month. Go figure…

Ah! I heard my neighbour crying. I don’t like her anyway.


&LOG ..#320

I went to see her this morning. Not that I was concerned… Just annoyed by the whining. She showed it to me. It’s like “mine”: a complex network of lines; noires. It grows.


&LOG ..#321

Couldn’t find anything online about it. It’s like a germ. It grows, and that all it does actually. No pain, no fever, no symptoms. It just grows.


&LOG ..#322

Nothing to do anyway, so I decided to give some substance back to my burrow: dumping away all the rubbles of my “memories”. I found my old film camera in a box. Completely forgot about that stuff. Only 7 frames left.


&LOG ..#323

My neighbour’s name’s Lucy. Dunno why I never cared to ask. She’s bored too. We agreed we’d have fun with the camera. Filling the void… She’s actually pretty. Dunno why I never cared to look.


&LOG ..#324

Still growing, still no pain, no fever. It just grows… We finished the roll.