A Youtube Channel on Kamon

Since I moved to Japan, I have spent a lot of time researching and learning about what is called Kamon, i.e. the Japanese heraldic emblems. This is an important aspect of Japan's history and samurai culture, but you would be surprised how little (reliable) information you can find on that topic in English.

Kamon is a hobby for me: it's the perfect bridge between the martial arts / samurai culture world and the art world. Kamon feature indeed a vast variety of complex designs that present very interesting geometrical properties. It is logo and branding, but a thousand years before our time.

So I decided to share my insights on the subject, through a dedicated Youtube channel, Kamon Champloo.

Since it is a side project, I do not upload new contents as often as I'd wish... but bear with me, I have a lot of ideas and stuff to discuss.

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