7x7.la — Not an Exit

A collaboration with poet Adam Soldofsky.


For the last couple years, I have edited a magazine called 7x7 LA, which facilitates creative collaboration between artists and writers based on a format inspired by early 20th century Surrealist parlour games. Every published story or issue of the magazine is a unique collaboration between one artist and one writer who engage with one another once a day over the course of two weeks, taking turns building upon an improvised narrative or sequence. Given the organic nature of each project, the way we pair artists and writers— our curatorial practice, if you will—is almost entirely instinctual. If we can feel there is a sympathy of approach between prospective collaborators, we pair them together. I felt this sort of sympathy between artist Baptiste Tavernier and poet Adam Soldofsky’s work, which made the prospect of pairing them together vastly exciting and promising. The result did not disappoint and remains as one of my favourite collaborations we’ve published to date. Their collaboration as a whole speaks with poignant and urgent clarity to a familiar sort of unease and disorientation in contemporary life and yet still manages to conjure infinite paths of possible interpretation that fork and diverge like the avenues of a maze. Their work offers no easy answers, but the deeper one looks into it, the more there is to find.


Axel Wilhite, co-founder, 7x7 LA