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This photomosaic project takes advantage of the black Instax SQ film's characteristics. The rather large and non-symmetrical frames of the polaroid film are combined to create a fence that acts as a "4th wall" separating our world from their world.

Beyond the fence, everything is possible, there is no conventions, no rules, no correctness... Just total freedom.

The Freedom series — see more here

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Plastic, vivid colours, pop culture... Although much older in fact, Polaroid photography was a personification of the 1980s.


But the beat got slow, colours tarnished, plastic got dumped... Party was soon over.

And as plastic ages and colours fade, melancholy and longing for the lost golden age grows deeper, in every culture.

Objects used to define us. Now, they are gone, dematerialised...But they will be back.

The Instant X  series — see more here


Filles d’Ariane is a collaboration project with photographer Patrice Delmotte. It is the continuation of my early works where I explored the graphic properties of mazes and labyrinths, but this time using body painting techniques.

Ariadne, Princess of Knossos and half-sister of the dreaded Minotaur, is often referred to as the Mistress of the Labyrinth in ancient myths. With this project, we wanted to create an original and intriguing mysterious world where the sensual daughters of Ariadne continue to protect the secrets of the Labyrinth from the outside world. 

The Filles d'Ariane series — see more here

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