I moved to Japan in 2006 in order to immerse myself in martial arts. Budo was something that I had done since my childhood, beginning with judo. So I spent seven years at the International Budo University in Katsuura, training in naginata, and studying at the same time classical martial arts, samurai culture and history. As

a hobby, I still managed to find time to learn a some aikido, armour craftsmanship, Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) and Monsho Gaku, the Japanese heraldic tradition.

I now hold the ranks of renshi 6-dan in tankendo, 5-dan in jukendo, 4-dan in naginata, 2-dan in battodo, and a couple other entry-level licenses in traditional arts.

Those different experiences allowed me to work for the NHK, for local government agencies, and to teach here and there about many aspects of Japanese culture.

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