Windows of the Soul

Whitestone Gallery ┃ Hong Kong
Baptiste Tavernier solo exhibition poster in Miami

From my viewpoint, the concept of the soul transcends traditional religious or spiritual interpretations. I envision it more as a kind of program that directs our physical beings. Imagine that every person is born with identical software. Over time, however, this software is modified by a 'virus,' unique to each individual, which reshapes its original code. This virus, which I equate to the soul, is what distinguishes us from one another. It's not a spiritual entity but a transformative agent that carves out our individualities and idiosyncrasies.

The genesis of this foundational program and the altering virus remains an enigma. Could the virus have been triggered by Eve's apple, making the Serpent the inaugural Hacker of humanity? Pondering these mysteries lends a fascinating dimension to our perception of the soul.

While my art doesn't directly tackle the notion of the soul, my deeper interest lies in uncovering who or what programmed it initially. By breaking down and distilling the essence of human identity, we can unlock a wider understanding that spans across time, space, and the fundamental laws of the universe.

Whitestone Art gallery - Hong kong
Whitestone Art gallery - Hong kong
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